Blood Plasma Preservation: Selecting the Right Blast Freezer for Your Lab

In the realm of biotechnology and medical research, the preservation of blood plasma is a task of utmost importance. The integrity and viability of plasma samples hinge on the efficiency and reliability of the freezing technology used. Cryometrix, a pioneering company in the field, has emerged as a game-changer with its state-of-the-art blast freezers, specifically designed for this delicate and critical task.

Introduction to Cryometrix

Cryometrix, with a foundation of over 30 patents related to liquid nitrogen use, has carved a niche in cryogenic cooling. Serving various industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical, and transportation, Cryometrix’s product line includes low-temperature freezers, rapid blast freezers, and ethanol chilling systems. Their commitment to innovation and superior performance is evident in their use of proprietary technologies, leveraging advanced cryogenic solutions to offer cutting-edge products.

Unparalleled Advantages of Cryometrix Freezers

Speed and Uniformity

The B-90 and MB-90 Blast/Thaw Freezers are at the forefront of Cryometrix’s offerings. The B-90 can rapidly lower temperatures from 20°C to -90°C within 10 minutes, and the MB-90 achieves -80°C in just about 6 minutes. This extraordinary cooling speed is vital for maintaining the structural integrity of sensitive materials like plasma.

Environmental Impact and Safety

Cryometrix freezers are environmentally friendly, emitting only nitrogen – a gas that constitutes a significant part of the Earth’s atmosphere. The freezers feature a closed nitrogen system, ensuring safety by preventing any contact between the LN2 and the plasma.

Design and Capacity

The B-90 boasts a robust 304 stainless steel exterior, with a large interior capacity of 700 liters. It operates on a versatile 120V – 220V system, consuming approximately 1.5 gallons of LN2 per minute during cooldown. The MB-90, while smaller, provides a powerful solution with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet, ideal for smaller-scale or experimental work.

User-Friendly Features

Both models come with enhanced security features, accommodating up to 100 individual users, and feature on-board data logging. They also offer a manual CSV export of data logging, adding to the convenience.

Warranty and Compliance

These freezers are not only UL 508a and CE compliant but also offer an optional 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance package. Furthermore, Cryometrix offers a remarkable 20-year warranty on the cooling systems of these freezers.

Cryometrix’s Technological Edge

Innovation in Cooling Technology

Cryometrix freezers eschew traditional mechanical compressors, which are known for their high electricity consumption and use of refrigerants like Freon. Instead, they use liquid nitrogen, which operates on pressure and requires no electricity, allowing the freezers to function even during power outages.

Reliability and Longevity

With practically no moving parts, Cryometrix freezers are built to last up to four times longer than conventional lab freezers, with minimal maintenance required. This reliability is a significant advantage for laboratories where consistent performance is crucial.

Energy Efficiency and Footprint

The freezers use seven times less electricity than comparable lab freezers. The low energy usage, combined with a small footprint, allows easy integration into any facility without electrical complications.


Cryometrix freezers are versatile, capable of freezing a wide range of products. Unlike many blast freezers that use metal plates or inject LN2 directly, the B-90 uses liquid nitrogen efficiently, allowing it to freeze anything that fits inside it.

Environmental and Safety Considerations

Clean Emissions

The clean emissions of Cryometrix freezers align with today’s environmental concerns. Emitting only nitrogen, they contribute to a safer and more sustainable lab environment.

Sample Integrity and Data Logging

Maintaining sample integrity is paramount. Cryometrix freezers ensure that no LN2 is exposed to the sample, coupled with data-logging features that automatically track temperature and other relevant data.

Emergency Management

Equipped with redundant manual valves, these freezers maintain temperatures in the payload bay during power outages, ensuring sample safety and integrity.

Cost Efficiency and Throughput

Space and Design Efficiency

The upright design of Cryometrix freezers facilitates quick and convenient access, reducing labor costs and risks. The smallest footprint for their freezing volume means less cost in floor space and the ability to fit more units in the current space.

Increased Throughput

The enhanced capability of these freezers allows for faster turnaround times, translating into greater profits. The combination of low energy costs and high throughput makes Cryometrix freezers an economically advantageous choice for labs.

Cryometrix’s Role in Revolutionizing Blood Plasma Preservation

Cryometrix’s B-90 and MB-90 Blast Freezers represent a significant advancement in the field of cryogenic cooling, particularly for the critical task of blood plasma preservation. With their rapid cooling capabilities, environmental friendliness, safety features, and technological innovations, these freezers offer an unmatched solution. Whether for large-scale storage or experimental work, Cryometrix provides a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective option, ensuring the integrity and viability of precious plasma samples. Trust in Cryometrix for your biorepository needs, and embrace the future of sophisticated and sustainable cryogenic technology.