Cryometrix at the 2024 American Biomanufacturing Summit

April 10-11, 2024 – Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

A New Era in Biomanufacturing with Cryometrix

As the prestigious American Biomanufacturing Summit celebrates its 10th Anniversary, Cryometrix is set to be a highlight, showcasing its innovative cryogenic technology to industry experts and leaders. With a robust portfolio of over 30 patents, Cryometrix’s liquid nitrogen technology is a game-changer in cryogenic cooling and freezing, offering unparalleled benefits to the biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Showcasing Advanced Cryogenic Solutions

Cryometrix’s display at the American Biomanufacturing Summit will showcase its innovative cryogenic technology that stands out in energy efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness. Their cutting-edge products, like the B-90 Blast/Thaw Freezer and T-160 Ultra Low Freezer, represent a leap in cryogenic cooling, using next-gen liquid nitrogen technology that eschews traditional mechanical compressors. This approach not only reduces energy consumption — using 7x less electricity than standard lab freezers — but also enhances operational reliability and safety.

Key to their design is the use of liquid nitrogen, which operates independently of electricity, ensuring functionality even in power outages. With minimal moving parts, these freezers are incredibly durable, lasting up to four times longer than traditional models with little maintenance. Compact and versatile, Cryometrix’s freezers fit seamlessly into various settings, accommodating diverse biomanufacturing needs.

The environmental impact of these innovations is significant. Cryometrix freezers emit only nitrogen, vastly reducing the carbon footprint and aligning with global sustainability goals. Their commitment to green technology is further reflected in their 20-year warranty, ensuring long-term, eco-friendly operation.

This blend of efficiency, reliability, and environmental stewardship positions Cryometrix as a leader in cryogenic solutions, perfectly aligning with the summit’s themes of operational excellence, sustainability, and innovation in biomanufacturing.

Integration with Summit Themes

The themes of the 2024 summit resonate with Cryometrix’s mission and technology. The summit focuses on manufacturing agility, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance, areas where Cryometrix’s patented technologies offer compelling advantages. Their solutions, particularly in the realm of digital transformation and quality assurance, align with the industry’s shift towards more sustainable, efficient, and compliant practices.

Revolutionizing Biomanufacturing Processes

Cryometrix’s participation is more than a product showcase; it’s a contribution to the future of biomanufacturing. Their unique technology facilitates faster, more reliable, and eco-friendly cooling and freezing solutions. This plays a crucial role in addressing current challenges in biopharma manufacturing, such as the need for rapid scale-up, stringent quality controls, and efficient supply chain management.

A Hub for Networking and Collaboration

The American Biomanufacturing Summit provides an ideal platform for Cryometrix to network with over 150 industry leaders. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas, share strategic insights, and explore collaborations that could shape the future of biomanufacturing. Cryometrix is positioned not just as a solution provider but also as a thought leader in this evolving field.

Educational Sessions and Workshops

Cryometrix will be participating in various educational sessions and workshops during the summit. These sessions will cover topics such as the role of cryogenic technology in enhancing quality metrics, strategies for effective supply chain management using advanced cooling systems, and the integration of Cryometrix’s technology in creating flexible, automated manufacturing facilities.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Efficiency

A key aspect of Cryometrix’s presentation will be its commitment to sustainability. Their products, utilizing patented liquid nitrogen technology, offer a greener alternative to traditional cooling methods, with no CFC emissions and significantly lower energy usage. This aligns with the global push towards more environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Looking Ahead: Cryometrix’s Vision for the Future of Biomanufacturing

The 2024 American Biomanufacturing Summit is an unmissable event for those in the biopharma sector, and Cryometrix’s presence promises to be one of its highlights. By offering advanced cryogenic solutions, Cryometrix is not only showcasing its technological prowess but also reinforcing its role as a catalyst for innovation and sustainability in biomanufacturing.

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