RMF-90 Freight Freezer

Cryometrix freezers are designed to be easily accessible and convenient to use. They utilize a modern liquid nitrogen-based technology to control the temperature of the payload bay. This technology is compressor free and significantly reduces the amount of electricity the unit uses and sound it produces. Cryometrix freezers are easy to operate and clean, improving the quality of workspaces.

The RMF-90 is a high-performance unit designed to maintain the payload bay temperature while in operation, both in the air and on the ground, through cooling and heating as applicable.

Intended Use of the RMF-90

The RMF-90 described in this manual is an efficient and high-performance freezer which can be used for aerial and ground product transportation.

This product is intended:

  • as a temperature-controlled container for air and ground transportation of time and temperature-sensitive products
  • to maintain temperature of product on the ground through cooling and heating.
  • to maintain temperature of product in the air through heating.

This product is NOT intended for use:

  • as a long-term storage unit.
  • as a medical device or accessory to a medical device.


Access / Setpoint Security

3 Standard User Security Levels
Up to 30 Individual Users


7” Touchscreen LCD

Payload Bay Temperature Range

-40°C to 40°C
-40°F to 104°F

Peak Variation from Setpoint


Operational Ambient Temperature Range

-40°C to 60°C
-40°F to 140°F

Max Run Time on batteries for cooling and heating at 4°C

> 48 hours

Cool Down Ramp

1°C / min (no payload)

Warm Up Ramp

0.05°C / min (no payload)

Exterior Volume

16110 liters

Exterior Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height)

2438 mm x 4064 (3175) mm x 1626 (1600) mm
96 in x 160 (125) in x 64 (63) in

Payload Bay Volume

6442 liters

Payload Bay Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height)

2133 mm x 2642 mm x 1143 mm
84 in x 104 in x 45 in

Tare Weight

5,800 lbs.

Max Gross Weight

15,000 lbs.

Max Net Weight (with LN2 and PMC)

8,500 lbs.

Recharging Power Supply

4 Ports, 110-220 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption During Charge Cycle

1200 Watts each port

Maximum Charging Time

8 hours

Plug Type

NEMA 5-20 adapter or onboard IEC 60320 C20

LN2 System
LN2 Capacity

2 Tanks, 120 L each

Operating Pressure Range

0 – 22 psi

Maximum Fill Time

45 min

Plug Type

CGA 295 Fitting