cGMP Processes Freezers

Cryometrix B-90
Blast/Thaw Freezer

Cryometrix MB-90
Blast/Thaw Freezer

Cryometrix T-90
Storage Freezer

Cryometrix T-160
Ultra Low Freezer

Cryometrix MC-135
Chest Freezer

Cryometrix’s range of liquid nitrogen freezers, including the B-90 Blast Freezer, T-90 Storage Freezer, and T-160 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, epitomizes innovation in cold storage, specifically designed to meet the stringent standards of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) processes. These advanced freezers are indispensable in environments where precision, reliability, and compliance with regulatory standards are paramount.

B-90 Blast Freezer Features

The B-90 Blast Freezer exemplifies rapid cooling, lowering temperatures from 20°C to -90°C in mere minutes, a critical feature for maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive materials in cGMP environments. Its design ensures maximum safety, with liquid nitrogen never coming into contact with products or personnel, aligning with the strict safety protocols of cGMP. The freezer is also tailored for high-level user control and security, accommodating up to 100 individual users, a feature that can be expanded with an IPC upgrade. This adaptability is crucial in cGMP settings where access control and traceability are essential.

T-90 Storage Freezer Capabilities

Similarly, the T-90 Storage Freezer offers stable temperature control, crucial for the storage of sensitive products in compliance with cGMP standards. Its user-friendly interface, including a 7″ touchscreen LCD and manual CSV export for data logging, aligns with cGMP requirements for accurate record-keeping and easy monitoring. The freezer’s durable 304 stainless steel build and 20-year warranty underscore its reliability and long-term performance in regulated environments.

T-160 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Advantages

The T-160 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer is particularly suited for cGMP processes requiring ultra-low temperatures, achieving as low as -160°C. This capability, combined with its space and energy efficiency, makes it an ideal choice for cGMP-compliant facilities where operational efficiency and adherence to environmental standards are critical.

Innovative Design and Efficiency

Across all models, Cryometrix freezers demonstrate powerful innovation with their patented liquid nitrogen technology, eliminating the need for mechanical compressors and thus reducing noise and energy consumption. This feature is particularly beneficial in cGMP environments where operational efficiency and environmental impact are closely monitored. Furthermore, their design ensures complete safety and sample integrity, with a closed nitrogen system and comprehensive data logging capabilities, aligning with cGMP’s stringent safety and quality standards.

Cryometrix freezers are ideally suited for facilities operating under cGMP guidelines. Their advanced technology, safety features, and operational efficiency make them a valuable asset in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical research, and any other fields where cGMP compliance is critical. Their ability to maintain sample integrity, ensure safety, and operate with high efficiency aligns perfectly with the rigorous requirements of cGMP processes.