Cryometrix T-90 Storage Freezer

The Cryometrix T-90 Storage Freezer is a reliable cryogenic freezer, bringing capability and ease together. Using a contained liquid nitrogen system, the T-90 rapidly achieves accurate and ultra-cold temperatures without exposing user or product to liquid nitrogen. By removing the need for a mechanical compressor, the T-90 requires little electricity and practically no maintenance, bringing the savings back to the consumer.

Cryometrix Liquid Nitrogen Technology is patented and patent pending.

T-90 Storage Freezer

Access / Setpoint Security

3 Standard User Security Levels

Up to 100 Individual Users

(configure control to set point, access, and other advanced security settings)

On-Board Datalogging


Manual CSV export available of trend data

Backup Systems (Optional)

up to 3 hours


1 Outer, 1 Inner

HMI Display

7″ Touchscreen LCD


20 Years, Cooling System for Parts
Virtual technical support;
(Includes Control Valve Replacment)

Temperature Range

20°C to -90°C

Peak Variation from Setpoint

1°C ±

Door Opening Recovery (from -80°C, doors open for 3 minutes)

10 minutes

Pull down from ambient to -80°C (Empty Payload Bay Approx.)

45 minutes

LN2 System usage at setpoint (approx.)

0.75 gal/hr

Exterior Surfaces

304 Stainless Steel

Exterior Depth

1062 millimeters / 41.8 inches

Exterior Width

1224 millimeters / 48.2 inches

Exterior Height

2110 millimeters / 83 inches


738 kilograms / 1626 pounds

Payload Bay Dimensions
Interior Surfaces

304 Stainless Steel


711 millimeters / 28 inches


876 millimeters / 34.5 inches


1524 millimeters / 60 inches


950 liters / 33.5 cubic feet


120VAC OR 220VAC
Customer Specified


60 Hz

Plug Type*

NEMA 5-15



LN2 System
Operating Pressure Range

30 – 60 psi

LN2 Inlet Connection

CGA 295 Male Fitting

LN2 Exhaust Connection

1/2 NPT Male nipple

Electrical Panel

UL 508a


CE compliant

Federal Drug Administration

*Optional IPC upgrade – 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance package


Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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Powerful Innovation

Next-Gen Liquid Nitrogen Tech

  • Cryometrix freezers don’t use traditional mechanical compressors. Mechanical compressors utilize refrigerants, an example being freon, to produce cold temperatures. These are noisy and use large amounts of electricity.
  • LN2 has a boiling point of -196°C, enabling freezers who use it to go to temperatures as low as -196°C. Most refrigerants have boiling points greater than -100°C, making it difficult for freezers using them to operate at temperatures below that.

Low Energy Usage

  • Cryometrix freezers use 7x less electricity than comparable lab freezers.
  • LN2 operates on pressure and requires no electricity to function, enabling it to function without power in an emergency situation.

Extreme Reliability

  • Cryometrix freezers don’t require HVAC systems to cool the ambient temperature in order to operate. They can operate in any ambiance, and actually cool the environment around it.
  • There are practically no moving parts on Cryometrix freezers, making them last up to 4 times as long as comparable lab freezers with hardly any maintenance.

Easily Expandable

  • Cryometrix freezers consume little electricity, enabling the customer to add units to their facility with zero electrical complications.
  • The effective footprint is below 8 square feet and little to no space is needed on the sides, easily fitting into any facility.

Extreme Versatility: Many liquid nitrogen freezers directly expose the product to the nitrogen, limiting its usage. The T-90 Storage Freezer uses a contained liquid nitrogen system, enabling the low temperature of liquid nitrogen technology with the flexibility of traditional compressor-based systems.

20 Year Warranty: Cryometrix freezers automatically come with a 20-year warranty on their cooling systems.

Environment Friendly

Clean Emissions: Cryometrix freezers only emit nitrogen outside your building, which already makes up over 75% of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Long-Lasting: The cooling system of Cryometrix freezers are built to last 20 years, with a warranty to cover it.

Cost Efficient

Space Efficient: Cryometrix freezers have the smallest footprint for its volume, costing less in floor space and allowing you to fit more units in your current space.

Simple Design: The upright design allows for quick and convenient access, reducing labor costs and risks.

Low Energy Costs

  • LN2 technology uses much less electricity than traditional compressor-based technologies.
  • Cryometrix freezers don’t need energy intensive HVAC systems to operate efficiently.

Efficient LN2 Usage: The T-90 doesn’t waste the nitrogen it uses, maximizing capability.

Complete Safety

Closed Nitrogen System

  • There is zero contact between LN2 and the operator or product.
  • LN2 storage is simple and completely autonomous.

Unreactive: Nitrogen isn’t flammable or explosive like many refrigerants used in compressor-based technologies.

Easy Cleaning: The 100% stainless steel interior/exterior of the freezer is easy to clean without harsh industrial chemicals.

Sample Integrity

Closed System: No LN2 is exposed to the sample, maintaining the samples integrity.

Data-Logging: Cryometrix freezers automatically track temperature and other useful data.

Emergency Valve: Cryometrix freezers have redundant manual valves that can be used during a power outage to maintain the temperature in the payload bay.

Temperature Uniformity: Multiple fans create a high flux of airflow to maintain uniform temperature within the payload bay.

T-90 Freezer Storage Space Calculator

Enter width, height, and depth of your product to calculate the storage capacity of your freezer.