Plasma Freezers

Cryometrix B-90
Blast/Thaw Freezer

Cryometrix MB-90
Blast/Thaw Freezer

We proudly present the B-90 and MB-90 Blast/Thaw Freezers, specially designed for the delicate and critical task of plasma freezing.

Features of the B-90 Blast Freezer

The B-90 Blast Freezer is a marvel of modern freezing technology, capable of rapidly reducing temperatures from 20°C to -90°C in a mere 10 minutes. This quick cooling process, essential for preserving the integrity of plasma, is achieved through an advanced system that circulates air cooled by liquid nitrogen, ensuring that the plasma is never exposed to nitrogen directly. The B-90 is not only efficient but also secure, accommodating up to 100 individual users, and features on-board data logging. It is constructed with a durable 304 stainless steel exterior, boasts a large interior capacity of 700 liters, and operates on an energy-efficient 120V – 220V system, using about 1.5 gallons of LN2 per minute during the cooldown phase.

Features of the MB-90 Chest Blast Freezer

Complementing the B-90, the MB-90 Chest Blast Freezer offers a more compact solution for plasma freezing. Its design is ideal for smaller-scale or experimental work that requires rapid freezing with adjustable temperature control. The MB-90 can reach -80°C in about 6 minutes, a feature crucial for plasma preservation where quick freezing is key to maintaining plasma quality. Despite its smaller stature, the MB-90 is powerful, with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet and operates on 120VAC, maintaining energy efficiency and reliability.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

Both freezers champion safety and environmental considerations. They emit only nitrogen, a major component of the Earth’s atmosphere, and feature a closed nitrogen system that prevents any contact between the LN2 and the plasma. This design ensures the complete integrity of the plasma is maintained during the freezing process. Additionally, their compact and energy-efficient design makes them ideal for laboratories where space and energy conservation are priorities. Made in the USA, the B-90 and MB-90 freezers exemplify Cryometrix’s dedication to leading-edge technology, quality, and reliability in the specific field of plasma freezing.