Stem Cell Storage Freezers

Cryometrix T-90
Storage Freezer

Cryometrix MC-135
Chest Freezer

The Cryometrix T-90 and MC-135 Freezers represent the pinnacle of stem cell storage technology, offering advanced solutions tailored to the unique requirements of preserving these delicate biological materials.

Features of the Cryometrix T-90 Storage Freezer

The T-90 Storage Freezer stands out as a state-of-the-art solution, providing a precise temperature range of 20°C to -90°C, essential for maintaining the viability of stem cells. It features enhanced security with multiple user levels and individual access, crucial for safeguarding sensitive samples. The freezer’s robust 950-liter capacity, encased in durable 304 stainless steel, makes it ideal for large-scale stem cell preservation. Additionally, the T-90’s advanced data logging is vital for monitoring stem cell storage conditions, and its 20-year warranty ensures long-term reliability.

Features of the Cryometrix MC-135 Chest Freezer

Complementing the T-90, the MC-135 Chest Freezer is perfect for smaller or specialized stem cell storage needs, offering temperatures as low as -140°C in a compact 4.2 cubic feet space. This model is particularly suitable for facilities with limited space or those storing smaller stem cell collections. Like the T-90, it features a closed nitrogen system, ensuring the safety and consistency of storage conditions.

Energy and Space Efficiency

Both freezers embody energy and space efficiency, a critical aspect for modern stem cell storage facilities. They operate with minimal electricity and have a small footprint, reducing operational costs. Their design, featuring minimal moving parts, promises long-term durability and reliability, paramount for uninterrupted stem cell preservation.

Versatility and Adaptability

Moreover, these freezers are versatile and adaptable to various types of stem cells, providing flexible and reliable storage options. In essence, the Cryometrix T-90 and MC-135 Freezers offer the best of cryogenic technology, meeting the specific demands of stem cell storage with advanced, practical solutions.