Rapid Ethanol Chilling Freezers

Cryometrix L-80
Max Chiller

Cryomterix L-80
Lite Chiller

Advanced Features of the Cryometrix L-80 Chillers

The Cryometrix L-80 MAX and L-80 Lite Liquid Chillers represent a groundbreaking advancement in the field of rapid ethanol chilling. Both models are specifically designed to meet the high demands of rapid chilling, with the L-80 MAX leading the industry by chilling 120 gallons of ethanol to -40°C in a mere 25 minutes. This exceptional performance is critical for processes such as CBD extraction and winterization, where precise temperature control is paramount.

The L-80 Lite offers similar rapid chilling capabilities, capable of reducing the temperature of up to 30 gallons of ethanol to -80°C in just 15 minutes. This model is particularly suitable for those entering the extraction market, seeking efficient and rapid chilling solutions within a smaller scale.

Engineering and Design Innovations

Both chillers are engineered with a focus on speed and efficiency in ethanol temperature reduction. They feature advanced cooling technology, user-friendly interfaces, and are built to accommodate the needs of various operational scales, from small-scale research to large-scale industrial production. With their compact design, low energy consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements, the L-80 MAX and L-80 Lite are at the forefront of rapid ethanol chilling technology, offering unmatched performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.