Blast Freezing
With Liquid Nitrogen.

The B-90 will freeze up to 8x faster than our competitors.

Ready To Improve Your
Blast Freezing Performance?

Increase your throughput with the Cryometrix B-90.

Who we are

Cryometrix products are built on a foundation of over 30 patents related to the use of liquid nitrogen.

This state-of-the-art product line provides cryogenic cooling for the biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, extraction and transportation markets. Among the Cryometrix products are low-temperature freezers, rapid blast freezers, and ethanol chilling systems for laboratory, drug production, extraction, and transportation uses.

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Blast Freezing

Cryometrix’s B-90 and MB-90 blast/thaw freezers revolutionize cryogenic shock freezing with state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen technology, offering unparalleled freezing speeds and efficiency for the biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, extraction, and transportation markets. The B-90 rapidly cools from 20°C to -90°C in 10 minutes, emphasizing safety with no direct nitrogen exposure, while the compact MB-90 allows for adjustable temperature profiles and automation in experimentation. Both units feature stainless steel construction, customizable security levels, on-board data logging, and a robust 20-year warranty, making them ideal for increasing throughput and maintaining product integrity with minimal environmental impact. Cryometrix’s innovative freezers present a leap forward in blast freezing technology, combining speed, efficiency, and safety for diverse applications.

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