Cryometrix B-90 Blast/Thaw Freezer

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The B-90 is a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen blast freezer. Blast freezers are different from regular lab freezers in that they freeze the product placed within them much faster. The B-90 blast freezer can cool the payload bay from 20°C to -90°C in 5 minutes.

The B-90 blast freezes products with air frozen by liquid nitrogen. No nitrogen is exposed to products during this process, maintaining high product quality.

Cryometrix Liquid Nitrogen Technology is patented and patent pending.

Physical PropertyMetricImperial
Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height)1062 mm x 1224 mm x 2126 mm41.8" x 48.2" x 83.7"
Weight 738 kg1626 lbs.
Payload Capacity700 L24.7 ft3
2mL Vial Capacity48,00048,000
Payload Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height)578 mm x 800 mm x 1524 mm22.76" x 31.5" x 60"
Electrical208 - 240 VAC120 VAC, 60 Hz
LN2 Inlet Pressure650 - 758 kPa90 - 125 PSI
Adjustable Set Point20°C to -90°C68°F to -130°F
Temperature Uniformity3°C ± at -90°C5°F ± at -130°F
Cool Down Time 20°C to -80°C7 min7 min
Cryometrix B-90 Fast Cryogenic Blast Freezer with technician.Cryometrix B-90 Fast Cryogenic Blast Freezer inner door closed.Cryometrix B-90 LN2 Blast Freezer large interior empty.Cryometrix B-90 LN2 Blast Freezer frozen sample.Cryometrix B-90 Liquid Nitrogen Blast Thaw Freezer left side.Cryometrix B-90 Liquid Nitrogen Blast Thaw Freezer right side.

Powerful Innovation

  • Next-Gen Liquid Nitrogen Tech
    • Cryometrix freezers don't use traditional mechanical compressors. Mechanical compressors utilize refrigerants, an example being freon, to produce cold temperatures. These are noisy and use large amounts of electricity.
    • LN2 has a boiling point of -196°C, enabling freezers who use it to go to temperatures as low as -196°C. Most refrigerants have boiling points greater than -100°C, making it difficult for freezers using them to operate at temperatures below that.
  • Low Energy Usage
    • Cryometrix freezers use 7x less electricity than comparable lab freezers.
    • LN2 operates on pressure and requires no electricity to function, enabling it to function without power in an emergency situation.
  • Extreme Reliability
    • Cryometrix freezers don't require HVAC systems to cool the ambient temperature in order to operate. They can operate in any ambiance, and actually cool the environment around it.
    • There are practically no moving parts on Cryometrix freezers, making them last up to 4 times as long as comparable lab freezers with hardly any maintenance.
    • Are practically silent when in operation.
  • Easily Expandable
    • Cryometrix freezers consume little electricity, enabling the customer to add units to their facility with zero electrical complications.
    • The effective footprint is below 8 square feet and little to no space is needed on the sides, easily fitting into any facility.
  • Extreme Versatility
    • Many blast freezers use metal plates to freeze product, severely limiting their use to thin and flat objects. Others inject LN2 directly into the payload bay, risking harmful exposure to the product.
    • The B-90 Blast Freezer uses liquid nitrogen in an efficient and powerful manner, allowing it to blast freeze anything that can fit inside it.
  • 20 Year Warranty
    • Cryometrix freezers automatically come with a 20-year warranty on their cooling systems.

Environment Friendly

  • Clean Emissions
    • Cryometrix freezers only emit nitrogen outside your building, which already makes up over 75% of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Long-Lasting
    • The cooling system of Cryometrix freezers are built to last 20 years, with a warranty to cover it.

Cost Efficient

  • Space Efficient
    • Cryometrix freezers have the smallest footprint for its volume, costing less in floor space and allowing you to fit more units in your current space.
  • Simple Design
    • The upright design allows for quick and convenient access, reducing labor costs and risks.
  • Low Energy Costs
    • LN2 technology uses much less electricity than traditional compressor-based technologies.
    • Cryometrix freezers don't need energy intensive HVAC systems to operate efficiently.
  • Greater Throughput
    • The increased capability of Cryometrix freezers allows faster turnaround times and thus greater profits.

Complete Safety

  • Closed Nitrogen System
    • There is zero contact between LN2 and the operator or product.
    • LN2 storage is simple and completely autonomous.
  • Unreactive
    • Nitrogen isn't flammable or explosive like many refrigerants used in compressor-based technologies.
  • Easy Cleaning
    • The 100% stainless steel interior/exterior of the freezer is easy to clean without harsh industrial chemicals.

Sample Integrity

  • Closed System
    • No LN2 is exposed to the sample, maintaining the samples integrity.
  • Data-Logging
    • Cryometrix freezers automatically track temperature and other useful data.
  • Emergency Valve
    • Cryometrix freezers have redundant manual valves that can be used during a power outage to maintain the temperature in the payload bay.
  • Temperature Uniformity
    • Multiple fans create a high flux of airflow to maintain uniform temperature within the payload bay.

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