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Say Hello to the new 2021 L-80 Lite Liquid Chiller. Perfect option for those entering the extraction market. The L-80 Lite is the younger brother to the L-80 Max. It provides the same great performance at a much lower price. The L-80 Lite eliminates the use of ultra-low freezers and allows a homogeneous temperature of your chilled liquid. Quickly chill alcohol pre-extraction within a compact footprint, saving lab space and post-processing time.

The L-80 Lite is the fastest ethanol liquid chiller on the market. Capable of chilling up to 30 gallons of Ethanol to -80 °C in 15 minutes.

L-80 Lite offers modular design that will grow with your company as you expand. This allows you to field-upgrade the machine as you grow in areas like automation, control, capacity etc. Featuring patent-pending technology, the L-80 Lite is specifically designed to work with liquids like ethanol for CBD extraction and winterization. Use our L-80 Lite as a cannabinoid chiller for your process!

L-80 Lite chillers are also capable with of cooling solvent tanks used for Hydrocarbon extraction. Talk to a Cryometrix representative for more information.

For further customization upgrades on the L-80 Lite contact Cryometrix for more info.

Contact us at (801) 226-4100 for more information.

Cryometrix Liquid Nitrogen Technology is patented and patent pending.

Standard Unit Includes:

Chilling vessel, cryogenic cooling system, and pumping system.

Payload bay temperature range of +20°C to -80°C ± 3°C

C1D2 Peer Reviewed

Temperature Display on Chiller

Best Performance in Industry (20°C to -40°C in 8 minutes)

Zero exposure to Liquid Nitrogen for the user or payload bay

Exterior dimensions of 40" H X 33" W X 33" D

Payload Bay – Stainless Steel Insulated Drum with 30 Gallon Ethanol Capacity

SS Drain Pump w/ Sanitary Tri-clamp Connections (30 GPM Flow = 1 Minute Drain time)

Sanitary Piping and All SS Pumps Rated to -80°C

The L-80 Lite requires only electricity and LN2 to function.

Optional Upgrades:

Ethanol Control Upgrade – Contact us for more information and pricing.

LN2 Control Upgrade – Contact us for more information and pricing.

Supply Power Upgrade – Allow your unit to run on 110 VAC instead or 220 VAC (standard)

Physical PropertyMetricImperial
External Dimensions
(Depth x Width x Height)
838 mm x 838 mm x 1270 mm 33" x 33" x 50"
Barrel Dimensions
(Diameter x Height)
762 mm x 432 mm 30" x 17"
Barrel Capacity114 liters 30 gallons
Temperature Range20 °C to -80 °C 68 °F to -112 °F
Peak Variation from Setpoint2 °C ± 3.6 °F ±
30 gal Ethanol Pull Down
-40 °C (-40 °F)
10 minutes10 minutes
30 gal Ethanol Pull Down
-65 °C (-85 °F)
13 minutes13 minutes
30 gal Ethanol Pull Down
-80 °C (-112 °F)
18 minutes18 minutes
Drain Time (30 Gallons)1 minute
Drain Flow Rate114 L/min30 gal/min
LN2 Usage / Gal Ethanol Chilled (to -40°C)2.2 L / 1 gal 0.5 gal / 1 gal
Power Requirement220 VAC or 110 VAC with step-up upgrade
Liquid Connections1.5" Sanitary Tri-Clamp connection
Pumps IncludedDrain Pump and Recirculate Pump. All Stainless-Steel sanitary connections on chiller
Cryometrix L-80 Lite Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Chiller.Cryometrix L-80 Lite Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Chiller.Cryometrix L-80 Lite Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Chiller.


  • CBD Extraction Chiller
    • A common type of CBD extraction uses ethanol to extract useful cannabinoids. The warmer the ethanol, the more unwanted plant particulates are also extracted. Because of this, chilling the ethanol increases extracted Cannabinoid purity.
  • CBD Oil Winterization
    • Oil extracts tend to have plant material intermixed within them after extraction, including CO2 Hemp Extraction. The L-80 Lite proves a powerful tool for extract winterization.
  • Research
    • Liquid chillers are typically large, bulky, and expensive, requiring large budgets for any research that required them. The L-80 Lite allows for smaller, sleeker, and cheaper chilling of liquids used for research.
  • Manufacturing
    • The L-80 Lite is suited for small operations or large scale industrial production.

Key Features

  • Automatic Fill Stop
    • The L-80 Lite will automatically stop pumping from the bulk liquid supply once the top fill level is reached.
  • Automatic Drain Stop
    • The L-80 Lite will automatically stop pumping liquid out of the chilling chamber once the low level is reached.
  • Datalogging
    • The L-80 Lite constantly logs liquid temperature, LN2 pressure, and pump load.
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
    • The liquid being chilled within the L-80 Lite only comes into contact with food-grade stainless steel.
  • Zero Workspace Modification
    • The L-80 Lite is small and portable, fitting into any workspace and can be moved with a pallet jack.
    • Running on 110v, the L-80 Lite can plug into common outlets.
    • Zero heat is rejected into the room, so no HVAC is required.

Benefits over Compressor-Based Liquid Chillers

  • Less Maintenance
    • Unlike compressor-based chillers which have hundreds of moving parts, the L-80 Lite has only a few moving parts, so very little maintenance is required.
  • Reduced Electric Power Usage
    • You will not need to run any power to your building when running our chiller.
  • Faster Chilling and Better Performance
    • The low temperature of LN2 enables the L-80 Lite to chill rapidly and to lower temperatures.

Complete Safety

  • Closed Nitrogen System
    • There is zero contact between LN2 and the operator or product.
    • LN2 storage is simple and completely autonomous.
  • Unreactive
    • Nitrogen isn't flammable or explosive like many refrigerants used in compressor-based technologies.
  • Easy Cleaning
    • The 100% stainless steel design is easy to clean without harsh industrial chemicals.

Environment Friendly

  • Clean Emissions
    • Cryometrix products only emit nitrogen outside your building, which already makes up over 75% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Powerful Innovation

  • Next-Gen Liquid Nitrogen Tech
    • Cryometrix products don't use traditional mechanical compressors that utilize refrigerants, an example being freon, to produce cold temperatures. These are noisy and use large amounts of electricity.
    • LN2 has a boiling point of -196°C, enabling temperatures as low as -196°C. Most refrigerants have boiling points greater than -100°C, making it difficult for technology that uses them to generate temperatures below that.
  • Low Energy Usage
    • Cryometrix tech use 7x less electricity than comparable products.
    • LN2 operates on pressure and requires no electricity to function, enabling it to function without power in emergency situations.
  • Extreme Reliability
    • Cryometrix freezing technology doesn't require HVAC systems to cool the ambient temperature in order to operate. It can operate in any ambiance and cools the environment around it.
    • There are practically no moving parts in Cryometrix LN2 freezing technology, making it last up to 4 times as long as comparable freezing technology, in addition to requiring hardly any maintenance.
    • Practically silent when in operation.
  • Easily Expandable
    • Cryometrix products consume little electricity, enabling the customer to add additional units to their facility with zero electrical complications.
    • The effective footprint is 16 square feet and little to no space is needed on the sides, easily fitting into any facility.
  • Extreme Versatility
    • The L-80 Lite can chill any liquid that can handle the ultra-low temperatures at which it operates.

Cost Efficiency

  • Space Efficient
    • The Cryometrix L-80 Lite Solvent Chiller has the smallest footprint for its liquid chilling capability, costing less in floor space and allowing you to fit more units in your current space.
  • Simple Design
    • The simple functioning and operation of the L-80 Lite doesn't require extensive training, reducing labor costs and risks.
  • Low Energy Costs
    • LN2 technology uses much less electricity than traditional compressor-based technologies.
    • Cryometrix products don't need energy intensive HVAC systems to operate efficiently.
  • Greater Throughput
    • The increased capability of the L-80 Lite allows faster turnaround times and thus greater profits.

Sample Integrity

  • Closed System
    • No LN2 is exposed to the sample, maintaining the samples integrity.
  • Data-Logging
    • The L-80 Lite automatically tracks temperature and other useful data.
  • Temperature Uniformity
    • A pump maintains high flux throughout chilled liquid, maintaining even temperatures throughout.

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