Cryometrix T-90 Storage Freezer

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The new completely redesigned Cryometrix T-90 programmable storage freezer delivers on all points. The T-90 freezer is a technological breakthrough that incorporates a compressor-free, redundant, liquid nitrogen-based technology with an upright design. You can now reach temperatures down to -90°C; in a fraction of the time that traditional mechanical freezer would take. And dont worry about the door open recovery, the T-90 can recover temperature from a typical door open in less than 15 minutes. The T-90 is a stable, scalable, adaptable, and validatable platform. The payload capacity is 33.5 ft3 (950 L = 72,000 2-mL vials), and with its all stainless steel upright design, the T-90 addresses several user issues such as security, ease of operation, cleaning, and the system is designed to eliminate icing.




Physical PropertyUnitsValues
DimensionsInches42" D x 48" W x 84" H
Weight (Empty)Pounds1672
Payload CapacityCubic Feet33.5
Payload DimensionsInches28" D x 34.5" W x 60" H
Electrical120 VAC 60 Hz
Cooling MediaLN2
Inlet PressurePSI18-90
Adjustable Set Point°F+68 to -130
Temperature Uniformity°F± 5 ° F at -80 °C
Ramp Rate°F/min-2 to -5

Unique sealed Liquid Nitrogen based technology | Excellent thermal performance

  • Temperature adjustable from +20 °C to -90 °C
  • Ambient to -80 °C in less than 1 hour
  • Uniform temperatures throughout payload bay (± 3 °C)
  • Fast recovery from open/close event (10 mins)

Large 33.5 cubic ft. / 950 liters storage volume

  • 72,000 x 2mL vial storage capacity controlled at ± 3 °C
  • Customized racking available

Compressor free operation

  • Minimal power consumption
  • No rejected heat into workspace
  • Noiseless operation, vibration and dust free

Low LN2 consumption Mission critical design

  • User security features
  • Low maintenance design

Ergonomically simplified design

  • As easy to use as a common household refrigerator
  • Left or right hand door swing

Designed for cGMP applications

  • DQ/IQ completed
  • OQ/PQ ready
  • GMP qualified units currently in PharmBio use

Compared to compressor based technologies - The T-90 offers:

  • A significant reduction in electrical power consumption
  • Up to 5 times greater payload capacity per unit area of floor space
  • Significant overall reduction in net operating expenses

No liquid nitrogen exposure to users or product


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