Cryometrix B-90 Blast/Thaw Freezer

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The Cryometrix B-90 freezer offers valuable benefits for everyone involved in your freezing processes. Lab personnel get the time-saving convenience of upright storage and easy access, while your overall freezing process gains efficiencies which will greatly increase your throughput and lower your production time. Contact us to receive data for blast freezing times for your specific application. We can help you configure the best setup in order to get you the most throughput.




Physical PropertyUnitsValues
DimensionsInches42" D x 48" W x 84" H
Weight (Empty)Pounds1672
Payload CapacityCubic Feet31.7
Payload DimensionsInches22.75" D x 31.5" W x 60" H
Electrical120 VAC 60 Hz
Cooling MediaLN2
Inlet PressurePSI90-110
Adjustable Set Point°F+104 to -130
Temperature Uniformity°F± 5 °F at 130 °F
Ramp Rate°F/min-13

Freeze/Thaw Capabilities

  • Temperature adjustable from +40 °C to -90 °C
  • Temperature uniformity ± 3 °C throughout

Compressor-free, liquid nitrogen freezing

  • Minimizes service interruptions/downtime
  • Uses up to 90% less energy than mechanical units
  • Fastest freeze times in the industry
  • Reduces the need for maintenance or repairs when compared to mechanical freezers
  • No HVAC required
  • No refrigerant chemicals, oils, or CFCs
  • Completely silent operation

Upright 100% stainless steel interior & exterior

  • Fast, convenient access to stored materials
  • Easy cleaning and sterilization

Secure, programmable controls with touchscreen interface

  • Simplifies management, monitors freezing processes and logs user operations
  • Built-in data logging with up to 30 users

Reliable Backups

  • ARedundant LN2 valves ensure further reliability
  • Downloadable Temperature, Alarm, & User Log

Designed for cGMP applications

  • DQ/IQ completed
  • OQ/PQ ready
  • GMP qualified units currently in PharmBio use

Compared to compressor based technologies - The B-90 offers:

  • More than 8X faster freezing than other freezers
  • A significant reduction in electrical power consumption
  • Up to 5 times greater payload capacity per unit area of floor space
  • Significant overall reduction in net operating expenses

No liquid nitrogen exposure to users or product


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