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Cryometrix AZE Transport Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration technology has changed forever. The AZE (Advanced Zero Emissions) TRU is the first transport refrigeration unit (TRU) for the trucking industry that is zero emissions, meeting all current and future state and federal pollution standards.


  • Uses liquid nitrogen as the cooling source (low cost by-product from gas liquefaction industry)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity within the trailer
  • Very few moving parts, passive cooling
  • Zero emissions & no noise
  • Inert atmosphere shipping possible

Advances over Diesel TRU's

  • No emissions
  • No noise - meets all city noise ordinances
  • Minimal service - engine rebuild/replacement unnecessary
  • Liquid nitrogen costs less than diesel fuel per unit of cooling
  • Lower overall cost of operation
  • Extended shelf life of produce

No harmful emissions, quiet operation, very low maintenance.

Cryometrix AZE refrigeration system, winner of Utah Business Innovative Green Product Award.

The Cryometrix AZE refrigeration system is a zero emissions cooling system designed for refrigerated transportation applications. The system relies on liquid nitrogen to provide temperature control instead of diesel engines and CFC-based compressors. The AZE is a direct replacement for current diesel systems and is easily retro-fitted into an existing trailer.
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