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Cryometrix T-90 Storage Freezer

Combine long-term preservation of frozen materials with easy access and cost-efficiencies

Now your laboratory can have the best of both worlds in cryopreservation: the reliable, uniform performance of liquidnitrogen freezing and the convenience of an upright design.

The Cryometrix T-90 freezer uses a patented, contained liquid nitrogen system to achieve accurate temperatures in a fraction of the time and cost. This system circulates the cold LN2 within the walls of the freezer, keeping the contents frozen while preventing direct exposure to users.

By eliminating the need for a compressor, the Cryometrix T-90 freezer dramatically reduces your costs for energy. Zero heat exhausted to the room means further power savings for the air conditioning systems.

The complex refrigeration systems utilized by mechanical freezers require costly maintenance and repairs. Mechanical freezers average about five years of service life - with increased risk of failure as they age. The simple and robust cryogenic refrigeration system of the Cryometrix T-90 freezer enables it to perform dependably for years beyond today's mechanical freezers, which is why Cryometrix offers the industry's longest warranty, 20-year coverage on the cooling system.

Touch Screen

The T-90 features state-of-the-art temperature and data logging which can be easily accessed through the touch screen or downloaded to your computer. With up to 30 users and 3 security levels, you can easily control who can open the freezer, change the setpoint, and make adjustments to the settings.

Cryometrix T-90

The new completely redesigned Cryometrix T-90 programmable storage freezer delivers on all points. The T-90 freezer is a technological breakthrough that incorporates a compressor-free, redundant, liquid nitrogen-based technology with an upright design. You can now reach temperatures down to -90°C in a fraction of the time that traditional mechanical freezer would take. And dont worry about the door open recovery, the T-90 can recover temperature from a typical door open in less than 15 minutes. The T-90 is a stable, scalable, adaptable, and validatable platform. The payload capacity is 33.5 ft3 (950 L = 72,000 2-mL vials), and with its all stainless steel upright design, the T-90 addresses several user issues such as security, ease of operation, cleaning, and the system is designed to eliminate icing.

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