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Cryometrix T-150 Ultra Low Temp Freezer

GMP qualified units currently in Biopharma use.
Designed for cGMP applications.
No CFC's
Very low operating costs

Putting your hand into a vat full of liquid nitrogen to access your products is now a procedure of the past. You can now reach temperatures down to -150°C in the convience of an upright freezer with the patented Cryometrix T-150.

Whether you need long term storage at -150°C or need to freeze products for your manufacturing process, the T-150 is the solution for you. The redundant cooling system and onboard 7 day battery backup ensure that your processes can continue uninterrupted even in the worst conditions.

The T-150 features state-of-the-art temperature and data logging which can be easily accessed through the touch screen or downloaded to your computer. With up to 30 users and 3 security levels, you can easily control who can open the freezer, change the setpoint, and make adjustments to the settings.


Cryopreservation starts with thermal stability, and reliability is a close second. The T-150 accomplishes both through the use of patented technologies, which yield temperature uniformity of ± 5°C. Temperature recovery from an open/close event is less than 10 minutes with a ΔT of 5°C.

Thermal stability during a ramp to setpoint is key for sensitive sample survival. Degradation of vials due to rapid thermal shock is prevented using the programmable control of the T-150. A precise ramp rate of up to 3.5°C/minute can be programmed by the user.

Many Cryometrix T-150 freezers are currently being used by various pharmaceutical companies as part of their cGMP applications. Reliablility, repeatability and fast freeze times all mean that your manufacturing processes can flow seamlessly while increasing your throughput.

The new 2017 redesigned Cryometrix T-150 programmable ULT freezer delivers on all points. The T-150 freezer is a technological breakthrough that incorporates a compressor-free, redundant, liquid nitrogen-based technology. The T-150 is a stable, scalable, adaptable, and validatable platform. The payload capacity is 33.5 ft3 (950 L = 72,000 2-mL vials), and with its all stainless steel upright design, the T-150 addresses several user issues such as security, ease of operation, cleaning, and the system is designed to eliminate icing.

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