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Ultra Low Temperature Shipper with programmable setpoint

Shipping pharmaceuticals has never been easier.
Just load the freezer and choose a set point.

Say goodbye to the days of shoveling loads of dry ice onto your products, waiting hours for the temperature to saturate the shipping container, and having little to no control over the temperature of your products being shipped.

The Cryometrix S-90 bundles our innovative upright liquid nitrogen freezer technology with an on-board LN2 and power supply. You can ship up to 33.5 cubic feet of product (or 72,000 vials) at a controlled temperature between +20°C to -90°C with a uniformity of ± 3°C.

Each Cryometrix shipping unit is customizable to meet your needs. Whether it is going to be used for cross-country shipping at -90°C or for short trips across your campus at -45°C, the S-90 will give you ease and peace of mind in transporting your products at controlled temperatures.

Touch Screen

The S-90 features state-of-the-art temperature and data logging which can be easily accessed through the touch screen or downloaded to your computer. With up to 30 users and 3 security levels, you can easily control who can open the freezer, change the setpoint, and make adjustments to the settings.

Cryometrix S-90

Cryometrix is proud to announce the newest freezer to their lineup, the S-90 Shipper. We have taken everything that you love about the T-90 storage freezer and incorporated an onboard LN2 supply and power supply so that the freezer can be shipped across the world or accross your campus. The onboard LN2 supply and batteries will allow the freezer to run on its own for 15 days at -80°C.

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